The MOXĒ Movement

MOXĒ is more than a way to feel your best, it’s a movement for those who are ready to take wellness into their own hands.


MOXĒ is much more than a way to use essential oils whenever and wherever you want—it’s an expression of what wellness means to you. It’s a health and lifestyle movement. It’s a way of taking charge of your life in an uncertain world. Whether that is picking up your Energy Nasal Inhaler first thing before your morning yoga class, tossing Citrus Oil Hand Sanitizer into your bag to keep your hands clean on the go, or using your Dream Diffuser before bed for a peaceful night of sleep, MOXĒ is here to support you.



MOXĒ was created out of a desire to make aromatherapy simpler.


The powerful benefits of aromatherapy are well-known and widely embraced by those who believe in choosing how they feel, but it can be complicated to figure out. The world is complicated enough, you shouldn’t have to sort through the mess to experience a happier, healthier life. Which is why we embarked on a journey to uncomplicate aromatherapy with solutions that allow you to bring the natural benefits of organic essential oils to your life in an accessible way.


From this came MOXĒ Aromatherapy Diffusers and Nasal Inhalers containing our Signature Organic essential oil blends crafted to impact the most important aspects of daily life: Energy, Happy, Love, Peace, and Dream. Experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy was no longer confined to a single location or a complicated, time-consuming activity—we provided our customers with natural solutions to integrate wellness into their daily routines, no matter where life takes them or how chaotic it can be.





MOXĒ has a diverse product line for a diverse customer base.


Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, someone who can be found doing beach yoga every morning before sunrise, or a busy-bee who’s always on the go, MOXĒ has something that complements what you’re into, and more importantly, who you are. After realizing the positive impact MOXĒ was making on our customers’ lives, we were inspired to grow and expand our vision of what we want to accomplish as a brand. To us this meant researching and developing new products to simplify natural wellness and enable healthy habits for various types of lifestyles, which led to the expansion of our product line to include Citrus Oil Hand Sanitizer and Bottled Essential Oils.

MOXĒ is already a unique movement thanks to its lifestyle appeal and revolutionary products that use natural and organic ingredients, and there are even more exciting innovations on the horizon. This is another way that MOXĒ sets itself apart, by always thinking outside the box and bringing something fresh to the game—currently in product development is a Natural Skincare line, stay tuned!